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PushBullet App Introduction

Push Bullet App

Pushbullet is a genius app. Simple, refined, and just plain useful.

The app has a bunch of features, namely ease of moving things like links, web pages, articles, and even what’s copied to your clipboard between your mobile device and a computer. The app also allows you to receive and interact with notifications from your phone on your computer.


Now for anyone who has been scared away by not wanting to receive texts on their computer screen, don’t give up on this idea just yet.  Pushbullet has made it very simple to receive & manage notifications. Change your mind? Unsyncing those settings is very convenient also.


Push Bullet App

Here’s a review of the app’s top features:


Never miss a call or text again while working at your computer.

See all of your phone’s notifications on your computer. You can see text messages, phone calls, and more.


Send files from your computer to your phone with a click. Getting pictures from your computer onto your phone has never been easier. Files download automatically and open from the notification. No more digging things out of your email inbox or Dropbox.


An easy way to get links from your computer onto your phone. Links can be opened or shared right from your notifications. Never go through the hassle of emailing a link to yourself again.


Channels are notification feeds that you can follow. Get alerted about things you care about right away.


Pushbullet is a great app. Check it out at the Android or Apple Store to get it on your phone. Here are the steps to set up and get going with Pushbullet.