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Report: How Have Smartphone and Tablets Changed Our Online Habits?

It’s been said many times before: We live in a digital age. In this new digital age mobile devices have become a much more prominent part of our daily lives. This fact is shown in a new study published by The Nielsen Company, titled ‘The Digital Consumer,’ where they state “the ownership of mobile devices is revolutionizing the consumer shopping experience.” This new step in the consumer experience doesn’t rest with the shopping experience; it extends its reach much further into our society.

Looking forward to how smartphone user base will grow in 2014 Nielsen found that 30% of Americans said they plan on buying a smartphone in the next six months. This percentage is even greater among the 18-24 demographic, with 49% of them saying that they will buy a smartphone in the next six months. This number is the greatest amongst all the devices people plan to upgrade to, beating out computers, game consoles and smart TVs. With an intent in purchasing a smartphone so high in 2014, especially compared to other devices, it could help push smartphones higher on the list of what device most households own, with 65% of current households already owning smartphones.

This growth in the smartphone market could further increase how consumers spend their time with their mobile devices. In 2013 people spent an average of 34 hours and 17 minutes using browsers and apps on their smartphone. This is an almost 10 minute increase from smartphone habits in 2012. This number doesn’t come to with much surprise when you take into account that 84% of smartphone and tablet owners said they use their devices while watching TV. It helps that hugely popular shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Dancing With the Stars and others make social media engagement while their shows are on a big part of the viewing experience. Some of these shows have even created second screen apps for its viewers.

This change in habits also can be seen with how people use their mobile devices while shopping. 87% of consumers used their mobile devices to help them do a wide range of things while shopping, including price checking, researching items, reading reviews and finding store locations. This new mobile shopper is equally spread between men and women and is typically under the age of 45.

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Source: Nielsen