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GoWireless independently operates this site and is a Verizon Authorized Retailer.

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Safeguarding Your Phone with Mobile Protection Plans

Smartphones are compact miracles of technology. Over the last decade, they’ve grown in popularity to become indispensable parts of daily life. Leaving home without your phone is as unthinkable as going out without wearing pants. So when a phone gets damaged, lost, or stolen, it feels like you’ve lost a part of yourself—and that’s why mobile protection plans are so important.


Ways to Damage Your Phone


The world’s a dangerous place for mobile devices, even when they’re shielded by screen protectors and cases. Glass touchscreens and thin metal bodies are easily cracked, broken, bent, or shattered, and honestly it’s surprising how well the average phone holds up to abuse.


Potential ways to turn your precious phone into an expensive drink coaster include:


  • Impacts: Who hasn’t dropped their phone at some point? If you’re lucky, your phone lands on something soft. If not, your touch screen just shattered on the pavement.
  • Water: Water and electronics don’t play well together. Exposure to rain, spilled drinks, or dropping your phone into the bathtub will short circuit your device. Newer models come with some degree of water resistance, but even so, you want to keep your mobile devices as dry as possible.
  • Keeping Your Phone in Your Pocket: If you regularly shove your phone into your back pocket you’re putting it at risk every time you sit down. Phones are thin, and resting your body weight on them can result in damage.
  • Overheating: Leaving your phone in a hot location for a long period of time causes damage unless the phone turns off automatically in response to temperature extremes. Leaving phones on car dashboards on sunny days is a common cause of overheating.
  • Careless Charging: Rough handling of power cords can damage a phone’s charging port over time, sometimes to the point where the phone can no longer charge.


This list only covers the most common ways to damage a phone. It doesn’t even touch on two of the most important reasons for mobile protection plans. Theft and simply losing your phone are very real dangers: Have you ever met anyone who hasn’t, at some point, frantically searched for a missing phone?


As for theft, approximately 3.1 million smartphones are stolen every year in the United States. That number is slowly declining due to kill switches and other remote anti-theft devices, but mobile devices remain a tempting target for criminals.


Advantages of Mobile Protection Plans


Mobile protection plans such as Ready2Go offer a wealth of services to protect your phone and enhance your user experience. Mobile protection plans vary from provider to provider, but should include the following:


  • Coverage against loss or theft,
  • Coverage against damage (including water damage),
  • Coverage against manufacturer defects,
  • Complete device set up (including data, email, and voicemail transfers),
  • Complete setup of mobile payment systems, cloud services, and security features.


In addition, mobile protection plans often include helpful little extras, like coupons for accessories, screen protectors, cleaning cloths, and extended warranties on select accessories.


Mobile protection plans are an inexpensive way to shield your phone against the worst the world (and sometimes you) can throw at it. Plans that set up your cloud services for you are especially valuable. After all, losing or breaking a phone is one thing. Losing your pictures, content, and data is quite another!