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Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Discover the Future of Galaxy | GoWireless

samsung galaxy s10 5g phoneIn the last few weeks Samsung launched their newest line of flagship smartphones with the release of the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e. These phones represent a huge step forward and showcase cutting-edge specs and features — learn everything you need to know about the S10.

While the Galaxy S10 is a wonderful way to upgrade your Android experience, many users are waiting for the latest version of Samsung’s popular phablet: the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. For shoppers willing to spend more for ultimate performance, the Galaxy Note 10 may be the perfect upgrade when it launches later this year. While official release dates and specs from Samsung are not yet available, we’ve scoured the web to bring you all of the key details about the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

Lightning-Fast Performance

The Galaxy Note 10 will contain Samsung’s innovative 12GB LPDDR (low-power double data rate) 4X RAM chips, which will affect the performance and capabilities of the new Note 10 in many exciting ways. In addition to being more power-efficient, these new chips are manufactured at half the size of those in models like the Galaxy S10 (coming in at 1.1 mm).

This means your memory will be twice as fast — expect to enjoy faster multitasking and smooth transitioning between apps. Plus, the smaller size of the chips translates to more space in the phone, resulting in a bigger battery.

UFS 3.0 Storage

Couple these new RAM chips with the inclusion of the UFS 3.0 storage chips. Many in the tech industry were taken aback when the Galaxy S10 series went with the three-year-old UFS 2.1, but Samsung will be adopting UFS 3.0 storage in the Galaxy Fold that just launched. Presumably this means we can expect the overhaul for Galaxy Note 10 as well.

This dramatic jump entails an upgrade from 11.6Gbps to 23.3Gbps — your apps will load and react faster, and the chip will be more power efficient due to the new 2.5V power supply. With less power consumed by the chip the battery of the Galaxy Note 10 will last even longer.

Long-Lasting Battery

The Galaxy Note 9 already boasts an impressive 4,000 mAh battery that is fast-charge compatible and delivers up to 40 hours of continuous usage time. This already-powerful battery will likely make a size jump with the Galaxy Note 10, as the compact RAM chips will leave more space for a battery that can power a YouTube binge-watching session or a prolonged chat with Mom via Google Duo. For comparison, the Galaxy S10 5G will feature a massive 4,500 mAh battery and the model inside the Note 10 could prove bigger.

The battery of the Galaxy Note 10 will be larger, and the improved performance of the storage units and RAM chips means your battery lasts longer in general. These two factors create a phablet that can last for an entire day on a single charge. For working professionals forgetting the fear of being on-the-go without access to a power outlet will be a welcome change.

Quadruple Camera

Yep — there will be not one, not two, not three, but four lenses on the rear-facing camera of the Galaxy Note 10. The new offering from Samsung is expected to have the same hardware as the upcoming Galaxy S10 5G: a 12MP primary lens, a 12MP telephoto sensor, a 16MP ultrawide sensor, and finally an hQVGA 3D depth-sensing camera.

The quadruple camera setup will enable a variety of professional effects in portrait mode, allow you to apply bokeh to video, and increase accuracy for augmented reality (AR) content. The camera performs well even in low light settings, and does a better job than most smartphone cameras at handling various rates of exposure.

Massive Screen

Samsung has not yet released the official specs of the Galaxy Note 10, but we can expect an enormous and immersive display that provides clarity, high contrast, and vivid color for multitasking, video playback, mobile games, and more. The Galaxy S10 5G will feature a huge 6.7” AMOLED display, and the Galaxy Note 10 exceed this size. The base model of the Galaxy Note 10 is expected to tout a 6.75” display, and a more affordable option will remain about the same size as the Note 9 (featuring a 6.28” display).

The Galaxy Note 10 will echo the bezel-free Infinity-O design to equal or eclipse the 93.1% screen-to-body ratio of the current Galaxy S10 line. The front-facing cameras will likely be tucked away behind a similar hole in the top-right corner for minimal design disruptions.


The ultimate question: what about 5G? The Galaxy Note 10 will most likely launch with a 5G variant for both the base model and the more affordable option, according to Forbes. Most networks will have their 5G networks operational by the end of the year, and we will have a better understanding of how the Note 10 is expected to perform on the fifth generation of wireless technology.

5G networks will offer lower latency for a better response rate, faster speeds to move more data, and the ability to connect far more smart devices. All that we know for certain: 5G networks will change the game when it comes to smartphones, and the Galaxy Note 10 will offer 5G option to satisfy early adopters.

Galaxy Note 10 Release Date and Price

When will the Galaxy Note 10 be released? There has been no official word from Samsung, but online reports speculate that the Galaxy Note 10 will be officially unveiled in August, making its way to retailers like GoWireless in September.

Each version of the Galaxy Note 10 will come with a different price tag. Based on the price of the Galaxy S10 Plus, the Galaxy Note 10 could launch around the same price of $999.

Eager to compare Samsung smartphones and get the latest updates on the Galaxy Note 10? Stop by your nearest GoWireless location and talk to one of our helpful mobile phone experts.