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Spring Cleaning Your Tech

Many of us are in the throes of spring cleaning, and as you sort through your closet and dust the top of the kitchen cabinets don’t forget about the benefits of cleaning your tech.

We don’t mean simply cleaning your screens (though that’s always a great idea) — we mean decluttering your smartphones to improve efficiency and performance. If you miraculously haven’t heard of the KonMari Method currently sweeping the nation, it’s pretty simple: conceptualized by Marie Kondo, the method entails ridding your life of things that don’t spark joy and organizing what you have left. With this in mind, we’ve highlighted the top five ways to spring clean your tech.

How to Marie Kondo Your Tech — 5 Tips & Tricks

  • Delete Neglected Apps — Face it: some of your apps haven’t been opened since the last time you upgraded your smartphone. Clearing out unused apps is the essential first step to spring cleaning your phone. Luckily, the process is simple on iPhones and Android phones.

    On iPhones head to SettingsGeneraliPhone/iPad storage, and your apps will be listed by how recently they were last opened. Apps that read “Never Used” spark absolutely no joy — delete them. From there, consider which apps are truly important.

    Android users can navigate to SettingsApps & notificationsTime spent in apps. This will tell you, you guessed it, exactly how long you actually use each app so deleting the trivial ones is a breeze.
  • Clear Your Cache — When the documents and data pile up on your smartphone, typically much of that nebulous space is taken up your cache, temporarily stored data to be retrieved later. Breathe new life into your apps and speed up your web browsing by clearing out your cache.

    Android users should head to SettingsStorage. There you can Clear storage and Clear cache of any apps you choose.

    If you own an iPhone clear the cache on Safari by heading to SettingsSafari and then tapping Clear History and Website Data at the bottom of the settings page. For other browsers on iPhones just enter the app, go to options, and search for options like clearing browsing history and data.
  • Offload Photos — Do you really need 60 versions of that selfie you took at the boardwalk saved on your smartphone? Probably not. Going through your photos library will be the most challenging and rewarding step in spring cleaning your phone. Start with screenshots and memes that can be easily discarded, and then start deleting the duplicate, blurry, or awkward photos. The process can take some time, but maintaining an “essentials” photo library will prove more meaningful, as you can quickly look back on your favorite memories.

    On iOS and Android devices you can check multiple photos and trash them in one bulk action — don’t manually delete photos one at a time.
  • Organize Your Home Screen — Once you have most everything cleared out, make the most of your home screen by organizing your apps into logical folders. Place apps you use most by the bottom of the screen near your thumb for quick access, or you can organize apps by color for a visually arresting interface.
  • Upgrade Your Smartphone — Sometimes your smartphone is sluggish and clunky because you’re using an older-model phone with aging software and limited storage space. In order to spark joy in your life, you may want to consider upgrading to a new iPhone or Android phone to take advantage of the latest software and features. Plus, the upgrade will force you to take stock of the apps, notes, and media you have on your old phone.


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