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Stop Thieves In Their Tracks – 5 Tips For Smartphone Security

Protect your data!

We can’t say it enough. We hear all the horror stories of how lost phones get hacked and private information stolen. Or someone’s private information was broken into because their password was too easy.

Mobile phones are mini computers and are gateways to a lot of your personal data. Taking every necessary precaution is well worth it to keep your data safe.

Here are five ways you can protect your phone’s private information.

1)      Always lock your phone

Setting your phone’s screen lock is as imperative as locking your door to your home. A password, pin, or fingerprint serves as the vanguard to your mobile device from thieves trying to access your personal information.

2)      Activate a phone tracker such as Find my iPhone or Android’s GPS phone tracker

Always turn on a feature that will track your phone in case it falls into the wrong hands. Your mobile data and GPS will work in conjunction to leave a vital footprint when your phone goes missing.

3)       Do not access unsecured public wifi

Think twice about accessing free wifi in public places. You may conserve mobile data usage but entering an open, unsecured network can be threatening to the security of everything on your phone. Hackers on the prowl have backdoor access as they can bypass your lock screen and delve straight into the software.

4)      Turn off your Bluetooth in public

The same applies to Bluetooth. Switch it off if you’re not using it, as hackers can tap into the signal just like wifi.

5)      Browse wisely

When browsing the web or opening email or text messages, be cautious when opening unknown links. They can act as a Trojan horse and give remote access to hackers. Or they can even be a Pandora’s Box and release all sorts of unknown spyware and malware into your phone. Android users should consider an antivirus app. Because of the complexity of the OS, Androids can be prone to viral attacks.

There you have it five ways you can get on the defensive and protect your phone’s data before it’s too late. Take some time and go through your phone’s security settings and make sure you’re well protected. If you need some help setting this up head into any GoWireless store and a Mobile Consultant will be glad to help you out.


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