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Techie’s Tax Season Survival Guide

If you’re reading this you only have a few days left until the national deadline of April 15 to have your tax returns submitted. While financial advisors and accountants always advise submitting your taxes early, we understand that life happens. If you are tech-savvy there are plenty of helpful mobile apps to streamline your tax prep and increase your tax refund.


Apps That Can Help You Navigate Tax Season

  • AskaCPA — this game-changing app isn’t designed for tax filing; AskaCPA literally allows you to ask important questions to a licensed CPA, for free, whenever you get stuck with a confusing tax problem. You can also access a growing archive of common questions and answers to get concise and accurate solutions when tax filing. The app even lists local accountants you can contact when you simply need a professional. AskaCPA is free to download on Android phones and iPhones.
  • QuickBooks Self-Employed36% of the workforce is freelance or working from home, which considerably complicates your federal tax return. This mobile app allows you to effortlessly track your business mileage, take screenshots of receipts, and estimate your quarterly payments. Take the stress out of freelance tax prep with QuickBooks Self-Employed — it’s free to download on iOS and Android devices, but the use of the online software costs $5 a month.
  • TaxSlayer Tax Prep App Easily prepare your federal and state tax return on your smartphone from anywhere and anytime with TaxSlayer, highly rated for ease of use. Filing typically costs less than $75. The app has checks in place to guarantee you get the largest tax refund. Download the app for free on iOS and Android phones.


What to Do With My Tax Refund

You managed to get your tax documents together, fill everything out on your smartphone, and get your taxes submitted on time. An added bonus: you finally received your federal tax refund! Now that you suddenly have hundreds or thousands of dollars to your name (score!), here’s what you should do:

  • Pay Off High-Interest Debt — credit card debt and student loan debt keeps compounding monthly, and when your balance is high it can keep you in a financial dead zone. Consider using your tax refund to a make a big dent in your debts, saving you even more money in the long run by reducing your monthly interest payments.
  • Invest in Yourself — Your tax return is a result of your hard work. Make yourself more marketable and increase your earning potential by investing your tax return in something that will improve your job skills. Whether it’s a coding class, public speaking seminar, or an elite gym membership to tone your body and land more clients as a physical trainer, investing in yourself is always a smart move.
  • Upgrade Your Smartphone — Want to splurge on a big ticket item? Choose a tech upgrade that will give you access to incredible features and apps, boosting your daily productivity and helping you out long-term. With three different offshoots of the iPhone X now on the market, choosing a new smartphone is more confusing than ever. If you’re an Apple diehard check out our iPhone buying guide to choose the best smartphone upgrade for you.

Play tax season right and you can end up with a sizable tax return. If you have any questions before committing to a new smartphone just visit a GoWireless location near you and talk to one of our helpful professionals.