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Temple Run 2 released for iOS

Temple Run is an awesome game. Simple, addicting, and just the right amount of irritation when you fail to beat your high score. In fact, one of the only things that could be better than Temple Run, may just be Temple Run 2.

That right folks, today marks the official release of the long awaited sequel. Releasing solely on iOS, players will be able to resume running, jumping and sliding to grab those coins before falling, missing a turn or being eaten by a gorilla pack. From what has been seen of the game so far, it appears to be more of the same with a few different twists, literally. Hills and wider curves are said to be more common in the new game, and I am sure that many gamers will be glad to hear that, as the simple formula of the first game can get a little dry after a few months of playing. There is no available download link yet, but keep checking in the iOS App store for an update and make sure to check back for our full review soon!

Also, the app allows you to assume the role of helpful citizen by supplying info on how you can donate to specific relief funds such as using Pay-Pal or text-to-donate options. It will also link with organizations on the ground that you can meet up with to donate your time to helping victims of these disasters.  Launching on all three major platforms today, this app will most definitely be important to have on your device in case of emergency. You can find the respective OS versions below.

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