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Test Your Knowledge with the QuizUp! App

Do you love going to random quiz events and testing your knowledge on TV Shows, books, movies, sports and other topics? Now you can test and impress over 10 million people with your knowledge by downloading the Quizup app. The Quizup app gives you the chance go head-to-head with your friends and random people in 365 topics ranging from TV shows to science and lifestyle.

The sign-up for Quizup is simple as you can either choose to log in using your Facebook, Twitter or creating an account with your e-mail address. Once you set-up your account you can then choose a topic from the 365 choices. After that you can send out the challenge on the topic you choose to a friend or random person.

What makes Quizup such a unique experience is how the team behind the app has created a whole social aspect behind the quizzes. On top of being able to chat with other players you will also find out how your quiz skills rank against your friend and those around the world. With the ability to view how you rank around the world, in your country, state, city and friends Quizup has an additional layer of competition to it. This ranking system helps motivate players to have multiple games going on in order to build your ranking amongst your friends and people you’ve met through the app.

QuizUp was first launched on currently only available on iOS platforms. Now you can get the QuizUp app on Android devices app.

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