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The New Verizon Plan – Explained.

The New Verizon Plan

Verizon has done it again and made the best network even better today introducing new plans, services, and the My Verizon app! It’s definitely an exciting time to be with Verizon, who wouldn’t want more data?! Below we will briefly cover the details of the New Verizon Plan.

To sum up Verizon’s New Plans in one sentence:

the new plans give you more data at a lower cost per GB and features new tools to stay in better control of your account. Boom baby.

Verizon has strategically engineered three key areas to give you more options to manage your account and use more data for less cost. They know we have a growing need for more data and have upped the data allowance for each plan, giving more data at a lower cost per GB. The three areas of change are the plans, network, and the My Verizon app. Keep reading to learn the details of the New Verizon Plan changes in each section below.

The Plans

First off, the New Plans give you at least 30% more data additionally as you move to the larger plans the cost per GB decreases significantly.

Let’s get into the actual plan details and see how much more you’re getting:

– The small plan is a has doubled in size from 1GB to 2GB for only $35 a month.

– The Medium plan has increased from 3Gb to 4GB for $50 a month,

– The Large increased from 6 to 8 GB for $70 a month,

– The XL Plan increased from 12 to 16GB for $90 a month,

– And finally, the XXL plan went from 18GB to 24 GB for only $110 a month.

*For information on business plans, please contact your GoWireless rep for details.

In addition to getting more data per month, you can now buy a data boost to instantly to get an increase of data anytime you need it. This boost eliminates the hassle of switching plans sizes just to get through to the end of the month, and it can help you avoid any unexpected overage charges.

Verizon is also rolling out Safety Mode, which works to help stop overage fees. Once activated, Safety Mode kicks in after you use your allotted plan data and allows you to continue using data at a reduced bandwidth until your cycle renews. Safety Mode limits the data connection to 128 KBPS slowing down your internet connection and allows you to continue to use available data at a paced rate.

Safety Mode will take a toll on apps using data, making them run much slower, but does allow you to use data still and make it to the end of your billing cycle without unexpected fees. Safety mode is $5/month for the S, M, and L plans and free when activated on the XL and XXL plans.

Saving the best Plan announcement for last, the one new change that every customer will be crazy about is the roll out of Carry Over data. Yes, that’s right, with the new plans any data remaining at the end of your bill cycle now can carry over for one additional billing cycle. That’s huge news!! With this update, you can now save up a little extra data for special events like road trips or the family vacation. Thank You Verizon!

The Network

Regarding changes to the network, the new plans feature an extended Long Distance and Roaming area to include Canada and Mexico. For a small daily and monthly fee on the S, M, and L plans and for free when activated on the XL and XXL plans, this feature allows you to travel to these two countries and use your data and call plans at no extra roaming or Long Distance charges when the feature is activated.

Verizon has also changed how connected devices are counted on the account and now allows you to have 20 connected devices such as smart watches, Verizon Hum, or GizmoPal and allows for 10-line access devices, such as your smartphones, tablets, and mobile hotspots. This change gives you the freedom to have the devices you want all on one account.

The My Verizon App

The My Verizon App has been designed with the goals of giving you more control over your account with easy access to more data if you need it. The new app makes it simple to stay abreast of new Verizon plan updates and puts you in the driver’s seat of your Verizon account by making it easy to stay on top of your account and data usage.

The app comes as an incentive with the new Verizon plans and is slated to start rolling out to all plans later this year. The updated design and functions are a helpful tool for anyone who is a stickler about keeping an eye on their data usage. It has a clean and easy to read interface putting the amount of monthly data that you have remaining side by side with the billing cycle.

Seeing how much data you have available at any given time makes billing cycle management and data use decisions much easier.

Another great feature available in the app is access to account management functions such as turning on Safety Mode or buying a data boost. In just a few taps you can assess your account, then make a decision about how to get through the rest of the month without any data overage fees. The streamlined design extends over into the account profile and billing sections as well, giving you easier access to manage your payments and account info.

This app is helpful and easy to use. It’s definitely a bonus and incentive for switching over to the new plans.

The new verizon Plan fully explained

That’s it for explaining the New Verizon plans. Pretty simple right? Who’s ready to switch over to the new plan? To do so, head into your nearest GoWireless, our mobile consultants can answer any more questions and get you all signed up.

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