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Top 10 Best New Features in iOS 10


Following the announcement of the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple just rolled out with their highly-anticipated iOS 10, the latest iteration of their mobile operating system. Not only does it feel aesthetically revamped, but it incorporates an array of features that appeal to casual and power users alike. Here are 10 of the most apparent updates included with iOS 10:



1. Redesigned lock screen

Apple retires its traditional “Slide To Unlock” after nine years and replaces with a simpler “Press home to unlock” interface, followed by their usual passcode unlock. However, users with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus second-gen Touch ID sensor will notice that unlocking with the home button will jump straight to the home screen.


2. Raise To Wake

Another notable feature is “Raise To Wake.” Influenced by the Apple Watch, the iPhone will awaken from its sleep mode just by picking up the device. With this feature, notifications can be viewed, and messages can be accessed and replied to without having to bypass the passcode or fingerprint scan.


3. Widgets

A popular form of information snippets is now introduced to iOS. A quick swipe right on either the lock screen or the home screen now displays widgets from compatible apps that range anywhere from calendars, reminders, maps, weather, and much more.


4. Camera and Photos

Never miss a moment with the camera app that can be accessed from the lock screen with a quick swipe to the left. On top of that, Photos analyzes faces, environments, and objects to create highlights in smart albums and links them together with time stamps to create a new feature called “Memories.” Editing has also expanded to allow doodling and text annotations to be implemented into photos.


5. Expanded Messages

Messaging has become more personalized with the addition of animations, handwritten notes, emoji predictions, and even invisible ink, just to name a few. Customize the message with a screen-filling animation or a handwritten note. Replace text with the corresponding emoji with emoji predictions. Show a quick preview of a website or even a video without having to leave the messaging app with rich links. Emphasize the tone of messages in text bubbles that can grow when expressing a shout or shrink when conveying a message with effects. Send a secret text to a recipient with invisible ink that can be revealed with a swipe.


6. Control Center with 3D Touch

Control center has also been updated with 3D Touch support and a Night Shift option. With 3D Touch, the flashlight now can adjust intensity. The timer app can be quickly accessed with preset timers from a minute to an hour. Calculator results can be copied over to the clipboard. And the camera app displays a submenu for quick access to photo, video, and selfie modes. The new Night Shift feature display warmth based on a set time to reduce strain on the eyes.


7. Proactive Maps

Apple maps have become more suggestive with the new update, whether looking for a restaurant even a gas station en route to the destination. A new feature implemented in Maps is Open Table. When a restaurant is selected, Open Table gives the conductive option of placing reservations. On Car Play-integrated stereos, Apple Maps also drops a pin to the last location the vehicle was parked and provides directions back to it. Context can be added to the pin to indicated other information, such as parking level or parking stall number.


8. Siri SDK

Siri is now available to third-party app developers with Siri SDK. This allows Siri to activate non-Apple apps and functions via voice control. Many apps are integrating Siri support, such as Uber, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Lyft, just to name a few.


9. Home App

The new Home App will allow users to program and control home automation systems through an iOS device. It works with home security systems, automated lighting, self-closing curtains, and many other smart home functions that are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.


10. Notifications, Stock Apps, Universal Clipboard

Other useful additions in the new iOS 10 update include the ability to clear all notifications at once. In its predecessors, notifications are stacked individually per day, but now the list has been simplified. Pre-installed apps can now be removed from the home screen to reduce app clutter. And with the upcoming release of Mac OS Sierra, Apple devices sharing the same Apple ID will now have a universal clipboard, allowing copying and pasting across devices.


iOS 10 is the biggest update to iOS since the release of iOS 9.3 back in March. It comes with tons of changes, big and small, and user-friendly features that will make life easier.  If you are a long time Apple user, this update is a must for you.

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