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Top 4 fun features to use with the LG G7 ThinQ

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Here are our top 4 LG G7 ThinQ fun features.

  1. To pump up the volume, turn the volume up and put the LG G7 phone down on a surface, the resonating back helps amplify the audio. This feature is called Boombox which is part of the hardware. Try it on your desk, counter, or coffee table. 
  2. Change that Notch.  LG has come up with a ‘New Second Screen’.  Customize your New Second Screen to look unique. All you have to do is go to Settings > Display > New Second Screen you can choose whether to leave the notch as-is, or change the bar on top to black, grey, or a series of gradients. Your options are black-grey, black-red or a rainbow gradient. It’s a customization you don’t get on any other phone.
  3. LG G7 ThinQ’s camera. The camera app labeled AI Cam. This constantly scans the scene and posts text tags of what it thinks it sees, like a bored puppy waiting to play or photos from the grocery store. The camera creates categories for you to easily view.
  4. Manual Mode which enables changing ISO, white balance, and more of the photos depending on one’s mood.