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Top 5 Apps Moms are Actually Using

Moms, we live in a digital world where there’s so many things to do in a day and not enough time. We have listed the top 5 apps Moms use the most to help them with their busy schedules and keep them organized–all the while having fun and peace of mind at the same time.

#1 Glow Baby App

For new moms that want to track your baby’s first-year download Glow Baby App. It is a way to document what your baby is up to from eating, sleeping and first smile and more. This app can help keep track of your baby’s sleep patterns, so you know when to take naps and track your baby as they grow up. You can also upload photos of your baby and record milestones. (Available on iTunes/Google Play)

#2 UrbanSitter

We know things can happen out of the blue. If you need a sitter last minute check out this app which will save you time. UrbanSitter lets you find a sitter or a nanny on the fly and shows you how other families rate their experience with that sitter. You can message, call and book straight from the app, and at the end of the night you can pay with the credit card and avoid that whole awkward exchange-of-money song and dance. (Available on iTunes/Google Play)

#3 Trekaroo

Trekaroo is similar to Playground Buddy, only instead of searching for playgrounds, you can search for kid-friendly things to do, like zoos and museums as well as kid-friendly restaurants and hotels. You can also access ratings and reviews through the app ahead of time or on the fly. (Free, iTunes)

#4 Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free is pretty much exactly what it says it is. When you’re out and about, and you need to feed the little ones, you can easily bring up a list of nearby restaurants that offer discounted kids meals and kids eat free specials(Available on iTunes/Google Play)

#5 ContinuousCare

ContinuousCare is a one-stop app for all things healthcare related. You can store scheduled appointments and medical records, ask health care specialists (real ones, not Google U graduates) medical questions and sync information from your device’s health app to monitor any ongoing treatments for you and your family. Plus, if your doctor uses Virtual Practice, you can schedule video consults and follow-ups without ever leaving the house. (Available on iTunes/Google Play)