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Top Educational Tablet Apps for Kids


Kids love tablets and smartphones, especially when they’re bored. And while we don’t advocate using a tablet as a constant distraction for kids, we’re more than willing to admit a tablet and some kid-friendly apps can make a long road trip, plane flight, or even rainy day more enjoyable for kids and parents alike. 

If you’re going to let your kids use a tablet, make sure it’s full of apps that encourage children to learn and explore their world. The best educational apps for kids make learning fun while preparing them for future school topics. The same kid who digs in his heels when asked to do math will add and subtract quite happily when he needs to do so to in a game. The best apps to learn from are sneaky like that!

Below is a collection of seven of the best educational apps for kids, whether you want an app to sharpen math skills, improve reading, or help kids look at the world with curious eyes.

ABC Mouse

Available as both an app and a website, ABC Mouse is a great compilation of videos, quizzes, and activities that cover a wide range of educational activities. Users get a free first month, after which the app costs $9.95 a month.

Brainpop Jr. Movies of the Week

A great attention grabber for car rides or anytime kids need something to watch, Brainpop Jr. Movies offers a free movie every week on everything from science to music. The free version of the app lets kids view the movie of the week and short videos on internet safety and bullying. The $6.99/month subscription allows access to the app’s full library, with enough videos to keep kids learning for hours at a time. Brainpop Jr. is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Top-Tablet-Apps-For-KidsHungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School is a great pre-pre school app that teaches shapes, colors, numbers, and letters through exploration and plays. Beautifully designed with the bright colors of the book it takes its name from, Hungry Caterpillar Play School has a free version on both the Apple Store and Google Play. You can access the app’s full content with a $6.00/month subscription.

Lightbot: Code Hour

Learning to code as a kid will open up a world of potential careers in later life. Lightbot: Code Hour is a free tablet app for iOS and Android that introduces kids to basic logic and coding concepts used by computer programmers through engaging puzzles and games. 

Math Motion: Cupcake 

One of the best apps to learn math, Math Motion: Cupcake is an iTunes app available for a one-time price of $5.99. Kids take on the role of a cupcake bakery owner, using math to figure out how much to charge for cupcakes so they can fulfill an order and pay off business loans. 

PBS Kids Games

Leave it to PBS to come up with one of the best educational apps for kids. Free through iOS and Android, PBS Kids Games is a set of educational games based on popular PBS children’s programs. The app teaches math, reading, and more through play. 


Starwalk is an interactive, augmented app designed to get kids into stargazing and astronomy. Available through iTunes and Google Play, Starwalk uses the tablet’s camera to track the sky, offering interesting facts and information about stars, constellations, and planets. 

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