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Top Live Streaming Apps


If you’ve never tried it, live video streaming is very powerful for staying connected with friends and family. Whether you are away on a business trip or just trying to connect from across the country, live video adds an incredible layer of connection that you just don’t get with a phone call or from texting. You can also use live streaming apps for all kinds of fun ideas, like sharing what your family is doing on vacation with Grandma though she isn’t there. The possibilities are endless.

We wanted you to be all setup with how to live stream so wanted to introduce you to the best apps for live streaming. Some of them you may already be using, and some may be new to you. Here’s our breakdown of the best live streaming apps.


Social platforms you may be using already that live stream.

To start with here are the top social media platforms that allow you to do a live stream video feed.


Facebook and Instagram

Facebooks Live streaming app

Facebook and Instagram have both jumped onto the live video bandwagon and now offer live streaming right in their apps. Just create a new post and click start live video. You can determine who you want to share with and you’re all set.



Periscope is a very popular option that if you have a twitter account will be very easy to use as it integrates with your Twitter feed and you can launch a live video right from Twitter as well.


Some other good Live Streaming options

Kanvas live streaming app

Some other options if you don’t use these social media networks are: Livestream, Kanvas, or Google Hangouts. Kanvas allows you to add all kinds of fun elements to your live feed as shown above. Livestream has a professional feel to it, and Google Hangouts works well if you are a Gmail user and are familiar with most Google products.


That’s it for our quick round up of Live streaming apps. Have some fun. Share your stories with the people around you. Connect with your loved ones, friends, and family, and don’t forget to do your best newscaster sign off impression for added style points!


“This has been the GoWireless news crew signing off!”