Top Travel Tech Accessories

Some people love to travel. Others prefer the destination to the journey, and in a world of traffic jams, construction, cramped airplane seats, and flight delays, we can’t really blame them. Whether you’re a reluctant traveler or an enthusiastic globetrotter, today’s tech and smartphone travel accessories can make life on the road (or in the air) easier and more pleasant. Below are the best travel tech accessories of 2021, from essential kit to handy little tools.

Essential Travel Tech

Let’s not even bother including your smartphone in the list of essential travel tech: we all know how useful our phones are on the road, from providing GPS directions to playing road trip music. You might, however, want to supplement your phone with the following tech:

  • Tablets and ebook readers: If you’re traveling by plane or train, consider taking along your ebook reader or tablet and loading it up with a selection of reading material — a long layover between flights is much more enjoyable if you have something to distract yourself with. We give tablets the edge of ebook readers here: you can download movies and games as well as books onto a tablet for extra entertainment. If you’re traveling with kids, a tablet and some children’s shows can mean the difference between a quiet car ride and a continuous chorus of “are we there yet?”
  • Smartwatches: For those of us who like to track our exercise and activity, smartwatches are a great way to stick to an exercise schedule while traveling. In addition to tracking runs, blood pressure, and other important health statistics, a smartwatch can provide you with GPS, LTE, and music, making it a handy backup for your phone. 
  • Noise-canceling headphones/ earbuds: It’s 3:00 am on a coast-to-coast redeye flight. The colicky baby two rows in front of you have been crying since takeoff, and the two people behind you are loudly arguing about politics. Not that you mind, because you had the foresight to pack a set of noise-canceling headphones or earbuds and are binging your favorite new podcast. 

Smartphone Travel Accessories

Some of the best travel tech accessories are small purchases that protect your mobile devices or increase your device’s abilities. Be sure to pack at least a few of these on your next trip:

  • Screen protectors: Reduce the risk of damage to your phone’s screen with a well-made screen protector. 
  • Phone cases: A durable phone case is a must when traveling. Many cases are water-resistant or even waterproof, which is handy if you’re heading to the beach. The most rugged cases protect against drops and impacts, but be aware bulky cases can contribute to phones overheating in very hot environments. 
  • Car mounts: Using your phone’s GPS is easier (and safer) with a car mount. 
  • Bluetooth speakers: Great for listening to music in hotel rooms or cars.
  • Selfie sticks: If your vacation isn’t complete without a selfie, a selfie stick will ensure you get the best possible shot. 
  • Charging cables: Pack a few extra charging cables to make sure you can always charge your devices. 
  • Wall chargers: Not every location has USB ports. A wall charger lets you charge your devices from any outlet. 
  • Power adapters: If you’re traveling internationally, you may need a power adapter for your electronics, as the power outlet shape varies by country. 
  • Power bank: A power bank lets you quickly recharge devices when you need to extend your phone’s battery life
  • Clip-on smartphone camera lenses: These useful little add-on lenses offer extra zoom, wide-angle, and macro options.

Planning For Your Trip

Choosing the right travel accessories helps you prepare for your trip. For instance, public Wi-Fi is vulnerable to spoofing and hacking, which you can avoid by using your phone as a mobile hotspot. The Verizon Jetpack MiFi acts as hotspots for up to fifteen devices on a Verizon data plan while also acting as a power charger. 

Bluetooth trackers attach to important items such as your passport, wallet, and identification, so you can quickly locate them should they go missing. Some trackers are designed to work specifically with travel luggage. 

Finally, before you go anywhere, be sure to protect your smartphone with a Verizon protection plan. In the event of damage or loss, a good protection plan ensures you’ll be able to replace your phone as quickly as possible. 

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