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Meet the Verizon GizmoTab – The all-new Best Tablet for Kids


Meet the Verizon GizmoTab. It’s the all-new parent approved tablet from Verizon that’s made just for kids.

Though they do keep them wonderfully entertained, you’re usually trying with all your might to keep your kids away from your tablet. Tablets are breakable and expensive. One drop and the screen could be toast. Plus, who has storage space for all those kid games jamming up your hard drive?

Meet the GizmoTab

You’ll love the GizmoTab designed with kids in mind. Exclusively from Verizon, it is way more affordable than you might think. This tablet is the device choice for children that can be all theirs. You won’t have to worry about it breaking as it comes with a robust rubber shell that can withstand some serious drops and dings.


Learning and Play all in one

The GizmoTab is a fully functioning Android tablet setup for kids. Made for kids aged 3 to 8, ignite their learning in a safe and friendly environment made just for them. As the parent, management of the tablet, app usage and play times, is a snap. You can set time limits, ability levels, and monitor usage all from the parent dashboard. There are even some fun settings for rewarding the kids for doing more educational games with extra game time. It comes with 300 premium learning apps for education and fun all in one. That’s over $600 in premium apps for free that come with the GizmoTab.


A Child-Friendly Tablet

It’s an 8 inch full HD display making it the perfect size for little fingers. Your kids will love the bright, vivid colors of their favorite characters and games. It’s also powerful enough to keep up with their active minds and run the latest in gaming apps and 3D learning. The tablet is made to fit with the GizmoTab Kids Case that comes with a stylus and acts as a stand making the tablet much easier for interaction.


Parent Approved

Parents can also use the tablet as a standard device. It’s robust 1.5 GHz octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM provide the speed and performance you need to multitask and enjoy your favorite apps, games, and videos. With the 8 MP rear-facing camera you can take great photos and video, not to forget super sharp selfies with the 5 MP front camera. The GizmoTab kids tablet is available with 16GB of storage space and comes in Midnight Blue.


Portable Learning and Entertainment

The GizmoTab is the perfect portable tool for keeping your child engaged no matter what you are out and about doing. Whether it’s at the doctor’s office waiting room or the shopping mall, your kids can stay connected with Verizon’s powerful 4G LTE network and the tablets spacious 5100 mAh battery. Enjoy learning and playing even on the go.


Just in Time for the Holidays

Meet the GizmoTab today at your nearest GoWireless store. Get your hands on an active device and test out how fun learning can be. Don’t forget to ask our wireless consultants about making sure you are on the right data plan for your needs. We’ll get you all setup and on your way just in time for the holidays. Make their holiday great with the perfect kid’s tablet.