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What Are They Saying About The Nokia Lumia Icon?

The Nokia Lumia Icon’s launch is upon us. We previously outlined the impressive specs of the upcoming Nokia Lumia Icon. Over the weekend many website posted reviews on the next generation of the Nokia Lumia family in preparation for the launch. Find out what people are saying about the new Windows Phone after the jump.

CNET: “The feature-packed Nokia Lumia Icon has a gorgeous screen, a fast processor, and a proven 20-megapixel camera. Low-light image quality is excellent.” 4 out of 5 Stars Read Full Review

PCMag: “It’s also absolutely gorgeous—this could have easily been branded as the Surface phone everyone’s been waiting for. If ever there was a Windows Phone that could lure spec-hungry Android fans and design-conscious iPhone fans alike, the Icon is it.” 4.5/5 Read Full Review

Huffington Post: “Now is the perfect time for Nokia to have released their newest smartphone……..Its form factor, high quality construction, great camera and amazing OLED screen have me excited for this phone.” 4.5/5 Read Full Review

WPCentral: “Nokia and Verizon have delivered a well-made, cutting edge Lumia. The size is perfect, the specs are impressive, and it’s a real blast to use.” Read Full Review

Gotta Be Mobile: “As the best Windows Phone on Verizon’s network–and arguably the best all-around Windows Phone smartphone–the Icon deservedly is an iconic phone for Nokia as it continues to evolve the platform.” Read Full Review

BGR: “In the end, the Nokia Lumia Icon is a terrific option for Verizon subscribers looking to deviate from the norm and avoid Android or iOS. Standard caveats apply — apps, apps and apps — but Windows Phone has plenty to offer and the Icon is a wonderful vessel.” Read Full Review

There will sure to be more reviews of the Nokia Lumia Icon but if there is one theme that can be seen in every review is that the latest Windows Phone has an impressive display and specs that helps move the OS forward.

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