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What can be made of Redbox Instant By Verizon?

Per Ryan Lawler of TechCrunch on January 6th, Redbox’s long-awaited streaming video service is almost here, thanks to a partnership with Verizon that was announced in July.  He was a lucky one to receive an invitation to the service and beta it a month ago.

He describes 4 key MUST KNOWS:

  1. Pricing
  2. Content Availability
  3. Device Support
  4. Not really a Netflix Killer


In Ryan’s evaluation, he describes this launch to have 3 Tiered Pricing of $6, $8 and $9 per month.  $6 will get you access to streaming only, $8 will get you streaming access plus four kiosk rentals, and $9 will get you the same as the $8 package, but with blue-ray rentals.  To complement the monthly subscription options, the consumer will also be able to purchase or rent video-on-demand titles, with prices similar to those offered by Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.  Available in SD and HD for many titles, new release title rentals will cost $4.99 for SD and $5.99 for HD.  You may also  be able to purchase many titles for a price between $16.99 and $21.99.


With the streaming subscription, the options are rather limited compared to Netflix or Amazon.  However, there are still lots of options and it is expected that the volume of titles will ramp up quickly.  Keep in mind Netflix and Amazon have been at this a while so in some cases have exclusive partnerships with studios over prime content.


Redbox Instant will not be limited to the PC.  Already many mobile devices and tablets such as the iPad, iPhone and select Android devices are supported options of Redbox Instant.  Like Netflix, Redbox Instant requires the plugin, Silverlight, for PC use.  However, per the article and Redbox’s website, there is some conflicting information on which DVD players will support Redbox Instant.  In short, it is a given that this service will be supported through mobile devices and tablets out of the gate.


The TechCrunch article provides me compelling arguments why Redbox Instant will not put Netflix to rest.  In short, Redbox Instant is another competitor to the space and might be an option to check out if you are one of the many consumers to already use Redbox’s Kiosk option.

While Verizon is partnering with Redbox on this new service, this is not something yet offered in GoWireless retail stores.  However, it is a notable Beta Product that was worth mentioning, as it appears Verizon continues to expand its reach into other competitive spaces beyond the wire line and wireless businesses.

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