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Why I Decided On The LG Gizmopal

Why I Decided To Go With LG Gizmopal From Verizon Wireless

Why I decided on LG Gizmopal.

The LG Gizmopal is a great device for keeping tabs on your children. For me my 8 year old son is just active enough to be out and about on his own but I still wanted a way to keep in touch and feel like I was still able to keep an eye on him.

That’s why the LG Gizmopal made perfect sense. It’s simple and unobtrusive and if he or I ever want something a phone call is just a button away. Not only that but the Gizmopal app allows me to see his location all the time so I can keep track of where he is without having to be an overprotective parent. If he said he was heading to the park down the street, now I can see that he made it there safely.

Verizon Wireless LG Gizmopal Blue

Now me, I’m not a worrier, but having that peace of mind of knowing where he is and the ability to talk with him anytime, just makes me feel much better about him being off on his own. At this stage of his life he is learning to handle the extra responsibility. The LG gizmopal offers me  that added security while he is learning to take care of himself.

The decision was also a no brainer because GoWireless waived the activation fee on purchasing the device.

It was even a win on the pocket book.

Of course any cost is worth his safety, but the extra savings was a good reason to go out for ice cream together.

The LG Gizmopal is a great option for staying connected with your children who are just old enough to be out on their own but may need some additional help while they are learning to do so.

Keep your family safe and enjoy talking anytime with one click. Most of all enjoy the peace of mind of always knowing where your kids are.

To learn more about the LG Gizmopal come in to your nearest GoWireless Verizon Store today and they’ll get all your questions answered. Staying connected to your kids with the LG Gizmopal makes being a good parent easy.

*This first person story is written from a recent customer experience.