With One Talk you’re ready for new opportunities

Verizon One Talk makes it easier for customers to reach you.

One Talk for small and medium-sized businesses assigns one number for compatible mobile devices, desk phones and PCs and rings them all during a call. Multiple business-grade features help you boost productivity and deliver loyalty-building customer service.


Move freely across devices.

Keep conversations seamlessly going from a desk phone to a smartphone and back again.

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Never miss a call.

Calls ring on both your mobile and desk phones, so customers can reach you even when you’re on the go.

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Boost your communications

Conferencing, automated receptionist capabilities—you get a lot with One Talk.

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Reduce your costs

Affordable to start, with lots of opportunity for money savings over time.

One Talk desk phones

With enhanced quality and advanced features, One Talk desk phones* are perfect for your business. Contact a representative today to purchase one of these devices.

Powerful features built for business

One Talk offers more than 50 features accessible from compatible desk phones or select
Android® or iOS mobile devices.

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One Number

Because your mobile and desk phones share the same number, they’ll ring at the same time, so you don’t miss a call.

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Auto Receptionist

Incoming calls get answered automatically, and customers can quickly choose which department or person they need.

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Hunt Group

If an employee is unavailable, calls are automatically routed to a predefined team member, so calls don’t go unanswered.



Employees can create a conference call of up to six people at once, giving everyone a say.

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